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Dream Weddings LLC stands as a premier wedding planning agency, renowned for orchestrating unforgettable celebrations in the enchanting landscape of Georgia. With our team of seasoned professionals and experts at your service, we effortlessly transform your grand or intimate wedding dreams into a mesmerizing reality, freeing you from the burdensome task of planning. Navigating the intricate realm of wedding planning can be daunting, especially when coupled with many years of aspirations. At Dream Weddings LLC, we offer an array of meticulously crafted packages, tailored to suit your unique needs, ensuring that your wedding becomes the talk of the town, a glorious affair that leaves a lasting impression.

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The marriage registration procedure in Georgia is quite simple and you can legalize the marriage certificate in any country. Moreover, Georgia is rich with various landscapes: mountains, sea, vineyards, castles and churches, mountain lakes and valleys, canyons and gorges. All these picturesque places may become a wonderful location for your cosy celebration.

Georgia is hospitable and generous, it has incomparable unique cuisine, ancient tradition of winemaking and very comfortable climate in any season.


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Dream Wedding LLC is a wedding planning company established in the year 2023, by a couple who has endured the pain that one needs to go through for wedding planning and paperwork during their wedding. To help couples in their wedding process, Dream Wedding LLC works closely with couples to help organize their weddings. Our team understands the importance of a ceremonial day in one's life and knows how difficult it is for couples to enjoy it if they are engrossed with the detailing. Our team will organize a fairytale dream wedding for you and your partner so you can cherish every moment.

Dream Weddings LLC is a dream spun by a couple who decided to help other couples by helping them get all the necessary means for a beautiful wedding under one roof. Dream Weddings LLC is therefore a one-stop solution for all your wedding needs right from the selection of location, decoration for the ceremony, and the legal paperwork needed for the marriage registration.

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