Whether you are located within a GCC country or elsewhere, Dream Weddings LLC is available to help you arrange a flawless paperwork wedding in the captivating nation of Georgia. While the process of getting married in GCC countries might entail intricate processes and legal procedures, Georgia presents a notably streamlined and trouble-free option, as long as you have the required paperwork to officially register your marriage with the Ministry of Justice.

Our packages can be fully personalized to suit your specific requirements, allowing for a truly tailored wedding experience.

  • heartPick up and Drop to and from the airport
  • heart Document Translations
  • heartWedding paperwork
  • heartCivil Wedding
  • 2 Apostille Certificates

We can modify the above to include any additional wedding planning and support such as prenuptial agreement, hotel stays, documents shipping, GCC Legalization, extra Apostille certificates, romantic dinners, VIP transportation and so forth.

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Apostille package

This is the best package for those who know what exactly they need in the paperwork wedding process. It is suitable for people living in Apostille countries.


Silver package

The silver package is to add a silver lining to your cost-saving wedding. If you are looking for an intimate not to grand yet beautiful wedding this is the right package for you.


Platinum Dream package

Platinum Dream package is the full house package that covers all the services that one can expect in a wedding package. Right from the planning, organizing, and finding destinations, bookings, and reservations, to paperwork. If you plan on enjoying your wedding to the fullest this is for you !

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